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Urban Ideas Competition 2014

The Urban Ideas Competition is organized by the Young Leaders Initiative. In 2014 ULI Toronto invited members of the general public, architects, designers, planners, artists, engineers, students and members of the development community, both locally and internationally, to tell us how to “Reconnect Toronto’s Waterfront”.

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Urban Ideas Competition Guidelines


  • Paul Bedford, Former Chief Planner of the City of Toronto
  • Shirley Blumberg, Founding Partner at KPMB Architects
  • Meg Davis, VP Development at Waterfront Toronto
  • David Gerofsky, President and CEO at Great Gulf


ULI_UrbanIdeas_1678851_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1678851_Page_2  Submission #1678851

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679341_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679341_Page_2  Submission #1679341

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679760_page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679760_page_2  Submission #1679760

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679898_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1679898_Page_2  Submission #1679898

ULI_Urban Ideas_1680291_Page_1  ULI_Urban Ideas_1680291_Page_2  Submission #1680291

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1680446_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1680446_Page_2  Submission #1680446

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690683_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690683_Page_2  Submission #1690683

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690733_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690733_Page_2  Submission #1690733

(Site Specific)

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690733_Page_1 (1) ULI_UrbanIdeas_1690733_Page_2  Submission #1690733


                           ULI_UrbanIdeas_1691700  Submission #1691700

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1691971_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1691971_Page_2  Submission #1691971

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1692244_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1692244_Page_2  Submission #1692244

ULI_UrbanIdeas_1692469_Page_1  ULI_UrbanIdeas_1692469_Page_2  Submission #1692469



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