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2019 ULI Hines Student Competition

In its 17th year, the ULI Hines Student Competition—the annual urban design and development competition sponsored by legendary developer Gerald D. Hines—offers students in real estate, business, architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning the opportunity to form multidisciplinary teams to solve a design and finance problem. In addition to valuable feedback from senior ULI members, the winning team receives $50,000 and the finalist teams receive $10,000 each. Students on the four finalist teams receive an all-expense-paid trip to the competition city for their final presentation and selection of the winner.

Student teams comprising at least three disciplines will have two weeks to devise a comprehensive design and development program for a real, large-scale site full of challenges and opportunities. Submissions consist of graphic boards and narratives that include designs, and market-feasible financial data. (See past submissions.)

The ULI Hines Student Competition is part of the Institute’s ongoing effort to raise interest among young people in creating better communities, improving development patterns, and increasing awareness of the need for multidisciplinary solutions to development and design challenges.

ULI invites teams from accredited educational institutions  to participate in the ULI Hines Student Competition. Teams must be composed of graduate students pursuing a graduate degree while fully enrolled for the entire duration of the academic period during which the competition is conducted.

Team applications are due December 10, 2018.

How to Apply

This competition is an ideas competition; there is no expectation that any of the submitted schemes will be applied to the site. The winning team will receive $50,000 and the finalist teams $10,000 each. One representative from each finalist team gets an all-expenses-paid site tour in the selected competition city prior to the final  presentation. All participating finalist students attend the all-expenses-paid final presentation in the host city to select the winner of the competition.

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