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Event Recap: Developing Mixed Income & Multi-Use Communities

View Photos View Video View Attendees View Regent Park Presentation View Lawrence Heights Presentation View Alexandra Park Presentation     By Adrienne Smith, Live Work Learn Play “Mixed-use” has become a somewhat ubiquitous term in the planning and development world. It is a model lauded for creating healthy and successful communities that sustain in the long term, but what does it really mean and why is it considered an archetype for success? The Congress for New Urbanism points to several key elements to successful mixed-use development: livable streets organized into … Read More

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Event Recap: The Future of the Toronto Skyline: Intensification in the Downtown Core

View Photos View Speaker Presentations View Attendees Over the last decade, Toronto’s population in the downtown core has witnessed an incredible surge. According to the latest census data, Toronto’s waterfront population has increased 66 per cent in five years, more than any other neighbourhood in Toronto. The City’s skyline is a work in progress that is going through such a dramatic transformation it may seem unrecognizable in a decade, but one thing is clear: as the City grows and evolves, we will need to accommodate the people and the jobs … Read More

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Unlocking Employment Lands

“There are both theoretical and practical issues regarding employment lands,” said Mark Kindrachuk, president of Intermarket Developments Inc., as he addressed a packed room on April 16 at the Board of Trade, where a diverse range of perspectives including planner, developer, lawyer and both municipal and provincial government addressed the complex issue of unlocking employment lands for smart development. Drawing on his more-than-considerable planning expertise, Ken Greenberg, previous chief planner for the City of Toronto and now principal of Greenberg Consultants Inc., explained how relaxed zoning bylaws allowed for adaptive … Read More

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Large Scale Redevelopment

On September 15, 2011, the TTC broke a single-day ridership record with 1.71 million rides recorded that day. Not coincidentally, 132 high rises are currently under construction, making Toronto North America’s leader in high rise development. These two statistics were referenced by Christopher Hume, Toronto Star columnist and architectural critic, as he set the tone for ULI Toronto’s event Large-Scale Redevelopment Projects in the GTA on October 5th at The Toronto Board of Trade. “This City is in good shape. People are watching,” said Hume, who moderated the discussion as … Read More

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