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ULI Toronto Community Hubs: United Way of Greater Toronto

By: Michael Cook, Devine Park LLP

This past year ULI brought together industry professionals to assist the United Way of Greater Toronto in the development of a Community Hub.

The Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre Hub is to be located in the Finch & Warden area within the Agincourt Community. Development of the facility is being lead by the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital and the YMCA of Greater Toronto. The facility will contain a new chronic kidney disease facility to be operated by the Scarborough and Rough Hospital, a full-sized YMCA, offering health and fitness programs, day camps and a licensed child care centre, and a space for United Way agencies that offer social services, health promotion and cultural programs.

ULI’s Outreach Committee has been assisting the United Way with its piece of the project. The team has advised on issues such as zoning, planning and creating shared spaces, and assisted with the retention by United Way of an Advocate Architect to focus exclusively on the community-based services space. ULI will continue to serve in an advisory capacity throughout development of the facility.

Through this process, the Outreach Committee also developed a framework that can be replicated to bring ULI’s collective knowledge and experience for future Community Hub initiatives.

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