ULI Toronto: City of Brampton with Mayor Brown: Innovating “Build Back Better”


2021-06-01T12:00:00 - 2021-06-01T13:00:00

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    As one of the fastest-growing, most diverse and youngest populated cities in Canada, Brampton is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Communities in 2021, a ranking of the best places to live in the country by Macleans Magazine. Under the leadership of Council and city-wide mobilization to realize the Brampton 2040 Vision, Brampton has climbed from 199th in 2020, to 13th of 415 cities.
    Despite the impact of COVID-19, Brampton’s national and global reputation continues to guide this city of over 700,000 forward to build back better and stronger, making a green shift, addressing social inequity, and redefining resiliency through a health-focused city-building vision.
    Join ULI Toronto to hear about Brampton’s insights on innovating “Build Back Better” through the lens of municipal leadership, reflecting on lessons learned from COVID-19, innovation, education, health-focused sustainable city-building, technology, arts & culture, and the unique collaborative of a modern, diverse city living the mosaic.