ULI Toronto: Sacrosanct? The Future of Employment Areas in the Greater Golden Horseshoe


2021-09-22T12:00:00 - 2021-09-22T13:00:00

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    In recent years, municipal and provincial policy in Ontario has considered the supply of lands reserved for employment to be mostly off-limits for redesignation, even with increasing market interest in mixed-use development. Municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (“GGH”) are now undertaking Municipal Comprehensive Reviews of their Official Plans for conformity with the regional Growth Plan, which presents a rare opportunity to revisit the size, location, and function of lands reserved for employment purposes. Many landowners of protected employment lands are eager for their sites to be considered for a broader range of uses through these reviews. Within this context, and given the shifting needs of the regional economy, how are governments evaluating these requests and considering the role and function of our employment lands? How are employment land needs and pressures different across the GGH?
    Join ULI Toronto as we provide an overview of the policy framework that applies to Employment Areas and provide commentary from a range of perspectives.
    Renée Gomes, Chief Development Officer & Vice President, Development, First Gulf
    Brian Bridgeman
    , Commissioner, Planning & Economic Development, Region of Durham
    Jeff Cantos, Manager, Official Plan & MCR, Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis, City of Toronto
    Adrian Smith, Chief Planner and Director of Planning & Growth Management, Region of Peel
    Marcy Burchfield, VP, Economic Blueprint Institute, Toronto Region Board of Trade