ULI Toronto: Early Adopters: How Digitization and Industrialization are Transforming the Development Industry Today


2019-03-01T08:00:00 - 2019-03-01T12:00:00

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    MaRS Discovery District 101 College Street Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L7 CANADA


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    Digital technology, advanced manufacturing, IoT and the evolution of smart building materials are (finally) disrupting capital projects from design to construction through to handover. For early adopters the future is now. Learn from the real estate, technology and construction industry’s innovation leaders who are propelling the business of city building forward in 2019 and shaping the next frontier.
    8:00am: Light Breakfast & Networking
    8:30am: Keynote Address
    9:00am: Industrialization
    9:30am: Harnessing the Power of IoT & Digital Twin Technology
    10:20am: Digital Resiliency
    10:55am: Future Next
    11:30am: Toronto’s Global Frontier
    12:00pm: Conclusion
    Master of Ceremonies
    Siri Agrell, Managing Director, OneEleven
    Keynote Speaker
    Gladstone Grant, National Director of Solution Sales, Microsoft Technology Centres (MTC)
    We are in the midst of a new industrial revolution. Led by the concepts of design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) as well as the platform approach of digitally designed components, industrialization of construction is teaching an old industry new tricks and transforming the way cities are built. From full volumetric pods to components on the critical path, offsite prefabrication is becoming increasingly popular in the North American market as owners, designers and contractors collaborate to realize the benefits it can bring to quality, schedule and project economics. With carbon offsetting a growing reality, the rise of net zero and net positive buildings paired with new materials such as mass timber and DFMA, a new wave of industrialization is emerging.
    Ron Dizy, SVP, Partnerships and Managing Director, Advanced Energy Centre
    Matt Humphries, Associate Principal, Arup
    Leith Moore, Principal & Founder, R-Hauz
    Rainer Strauch, CTO, CREE by Rhomberg
    Fireside Chat: Harnessing the Power of IoT & Digital Twin Technology
    Fueled by information, the degree to which technology is disrupting all aspects of our industry is accelerating every year. The impacts of big data, the cloud, IoT,5G the “Edge”, and the rise of “exponential organizations” are already manifesting themselves. Job site insights and analytics, digital twins of new and existing buildings, building automation system monitoring, and spatial recognition and analytics are at the forefront of smart construction and smart buildings. How are industry leaders harnessing these disruptive forces to create and share value for their shareholders and the broader public good?
    Julie Morin, Internet of Things - IoT Solutions Lead, Microsoft Canada
    Joshua Ridley, Co-Founder & CEO, Willow
    Mark Bryant, Chief Information Officer, PCL
    Digital Resiliency
    As digitization and connectivity becomes the backbone of our industry, the demand for resiliency is paramount. How is the industry ensuring that the shift to smarter and better connected technology platforms in an ever-evolving information paradigm.
    Debbie Baxter, Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Deloitte
    Christopher Emery, Senior Director, Technology Strategy, Rogers Communications
    Zachary Gentry, VP, Business Development, View
    David Miller, Head of Boston, WiredScore
    Future Next
    Industrialization and digitization are already transforming the real estate industry, but how is the application of these cutting edge innovations evolving our understanding of the impact of future innovations, and the construction of next generation smart, connected and highly sustainable buildings?
    Ramtin Attar, Autodesk
    Beth Coleman, Professor, Experimental Digital Media & Director of the City as Platform Lab, University of Waterloo
    Andrew McHardy, Senior Manager, Omnia AI at Deloitte Canada
    Monika Jaroszonek, Co-Founder & CEO, RATIO.CITY
    Toronto’s Global Frontier
    As North America’s fastest growing urban region, Toronto finds itself on the global frontier of urban technology in practice. The city has become an international testbed as domestic and international industry leaders plan and build smart cites, communities and buildings that are leading the charge of PropTech. And the world is watching…
    Renée Gomes, VP, Development, First Gulf Corporation
    Karim Khalifa, Director, Buildings Innovation, Sidewalk Labs
    Thano Lambrinos, VP, Smart Building Technology, Quadreal
    Terry Olynyk, Director, Business Development, PCL
    Scott Stewart, CEO, IBI Group

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