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Event Recap: WLI Breakfast with Delee Fromm

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Make Your Value Visible

By: Stephanie Kwast

Last month, ULI’s 2014 WLI Championship Team members, and women from across the Toronto development and real estate industry, were treated to Delee Fromm’s charismatic presentation, Make Your Value Visible, based on her book Advancing Your Legal Career.

In an information-packed hour, Delee focused on her five ‘Golden Nuggets’ for career advancement: self-promotion, building a brand, internal networking, executive presence, and building business. She drew on her diverse experience (from psychologist, to lawyer, to career coach and author) to offer the audience, all of whom are at various stages in their careers, insightful direction on how to advance their positions in our industry.

Delee encouraged us to create brand statements and sound bites for ourselves. Self-promotion does not come easily to most women. She spoke about the importance of body language, and of building strong, solid relationships both within the workplace and within the industry. She insisted that we always have a response to the question “What’s New?” ready, whether we are in the office or at a networking event. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the room who could think of numerous occasions where, instead of having a quick, informative response, I struggled to find something to say, other than “not too much”!

The breakfast with Delee Fromm was my first ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative event, and I am certain that it will not be my last. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and inviting.  Mingling with other women in the industry, who were all there to support one another and build their professional networks, was incredibly uplifting, especially since it is not always easy to feel 100% confident in our day-to-day work life. Events like this, where women are brought together to celebrate and support one another, open new opportunities, and based on the energy in the crowd, I am betting there is a lot more to come from this group.

ULI Toronto and the Women’s Leadership Initiative would like to thank McCarthy Tétrault LLP for sponsoring this event.


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