She With He

The WLI “She with He” initiative is inspired by the UN’s global “He for She Campaign.” She, working hand in hand with He, will shine a brighter light on the talent, knowledge and leadership that women contribute to the real estate industry and the development of sustainable communities within the Greater Toronto region.

She With He

WLI Toronto is honoured to be a recipient of WLI Global’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Initiative Grant for 2016.  The purpose of the grant is to support the creation of innovative programs that raise the visibility and number of women in ULI and the real estate industry. WLI Toronto has utilized this opportunity to create, launch and build a solid foundation for its She with He campaign which is focused on the partnership of women and men working together towards gender parity in the real estate industry in the Greater Toronto region.

Podcast Series

Episode 1: Getting Started: the Evolution of She with He

In our first episode, Leslie Woo and Godyne Sibay give us a walk down memory lane as they share the early beginnings of the Women’s Leadership Initiative, its evolution, lessons learned and inspiration for the future.

Episode 2: Teamwork with Renée Gomes and Frank Lewinberg

Frank Lewinberg and Renée Gomes talk to #SheWithHe about mentorship. Exploring some of the projects Frank and Renée have tackled together, highlighting the importance of conversation, building trust and creating successful partnerships.

Episode 3: Respect with Meg Davis and Allan Leibel

The fundamentals of mentorship, respect and inspiring confidence is at the core of Meg Davis and Allan Leibel’s story. This episode of #SheWithHe highlights the narrative of Meg and Allan’s career developing Toronto’s waterfront and the importance of trust, listening, credibility and meaningful engagement.

Episode 4: Complementary Difference: Anna Madeira and Richard Witt

Anna Madeira and Richard Witt sit down with #SheWithHe about teamwork, talent and Toronto architecture as well as the evolution of their careers and Quadrangle.

Episode 5: Pledging with Vera Gisarov

#SheWithHe sits down with Vera Gisarov from Quadrangle to talk about her experience in architecture, taking the She With He pledge and mentorship.

Episode 6: Breaking in with Liz Nucci

#SheWithHe sits down with Liz Nucci from CBRE to discuss her experience breaking in to the real estate industry, her mentorship experience and the different experience a female perspective brings to a team.