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We want to hear from you! Answer the question: What does Toronto Urbanism mean to you? on social media for your chance to win a free registration to our 2018 Symposium!

Toronto has a legacy of bold urbanism – the purposeful pursuit of city building designed to tackle challenges of building an economically competitive, liveable, environmentally sustainable and socially just urban society.  ULI Toronto will put a spotlight on Toronto urbanism – both celebrating our city region and challenging city builders to more effectively confront our urban challenges. Our symposium will explore our city’s greatness and point us toward our challenges.

The campaign will run between September 10 and 14, 2018. A ticket to ULI’s 2018 Symposium will be awarded to a daily winner throughout the campaign. For your chance to win:

  1. Post about what #TorontoUrbanism means to you on Instagram or Twitter
  2. Tag a friend and challenge them to do the same
  3. Include the #TorontoUrbanism hashtag
*To be entered to win, entrants are required to use #TorontoUrbanism. Posts deemed abusive to an individual or a group of people, will be excluded.


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