Speaker Presentations 2018

Speaker Presentations 2018

October 14th2017

Kick off and walking tour
Councillor Davis
Daniel Woolfson, Community Planner
Gerry Dunn, Danforth Village Residents Association 
Debra Polgrain, Danforth Village Residents Association
Nasima Akter, Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services
Trevor Moo, community member
Audrey Kvedaras, community member
Stephen Wickens, community member
Diane Gordon, community member
Brian Stevens, community member

November 24th, 2017 – Agenda – November 24, 2017



City Building Context & Policy Framework
Councillor Mary Margaret
Graig Uens, Community Planner, Toronto City Planning
Lorna Day, Director of Urban Design, City of Toronto
Daniel Woolfson, Community Planner – Danforth Planning Study Profile Report
Caroline Kim, Urban Design Considerations
Steven Dixon, Policy Planner – Official Plan Team
Tamara Anson-Cartwright, Heritage Preservation Services Program Manager
Pourya Nazemi, Heritage Preservation Services Planner – Heritage Assessment and Considerations
Ken Greenberg, Greenberg Consultants, former Toronto Director of Urban Design – Kind of Problem this is: Leveraging a ‘World in Motion’
Mark Guslits, Housing Consultant
Sean Gadon, Toronto Affordable Housing Director

Friday January 19, 2018 –Agenda – January 19, 2018

Integrating Land Use and Transportation Planning

Leslie Woo, Chief Development Officer, Metrolinx – Building the Mobility Hub: Regional Lens
Antoine Belaieff, Director of Regional Planning, Metrolinx
Gregory Pereira, Senior Advisor – RER Project Planning, Planning and Policy, Metrolinx
Susan Reed Tanaka, Chief Capital Officer, TTC
James Brown and Kim Storey, Brown + Storey Architects – Integrating City Building and Transportation Planning Public Realm Opportunities and Strategies
George Dark, Urban Strategies  – Presentation
Cherise Burda, Executive Director, Ryerson City Building Institute
Marcy Burchfield, CEO, Neptis Foundation
Pamela Blais, Principal, Metropole Consultants