Speaker Presentations 2019

ULI Toronto's Curtner Leadership Program is an annual curriculum-based program designed to immerse mid-career professionals from different disciplines in Toronto city building to create positive change in our city.

The Curtner Leadership Program is sponsored by Quadrangle in memory of one of its founding partners, Brian L. Curtner. The program reflects many of Brian’s passions, including city building, mentorship and collaboration.

Speaker Presentations 2019

Kick off and walking tour
October 26th2018

To familiarize participants with the community, walking tours of the study area will take place over two days. The first tour will take place on FRIDAY OCTOBER 26 from 8:30 am – 4 pm with a guided tour of the Mount Dennis Crosstown LRT station complex at 216 Photography Drive. The tour will cover the portion of the study area located east of the rail corridor with site visits made to FoodShare and LEF, both located on Industry Street in the adjacent Black Creek Employment Area. The tour will also include a site visit to the large NO Frills Loblaws plaza at Black Creek and Eglinton and conclude at the York Recreation Centre with a debrief from the day.

Mount Dennis Imagineering Presentation from Community Representatives
November 17, 2018 – Agenda

Frances Nunziata, Councillor, Ward 5
Gregg Lintern, Chief Planner, City of Toronto
Mike Williams, General Manager, Economic Development and Culture
Paul Bedford, Former Chief Planner, City of Toronto – Mount Dennis Community: Imagineering Program
Judith Hayes, Vice President, Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA) – About the MDCA
Simon Chamberlain, Recording Secretary, Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA) – Mount Dennis History
Rick Ciccarelli, Researcher and Community Engagement Office, Labour Education Centre – Future Priorities for Mount Dennis
Mike Mattos, President, Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA) – Mount Dennis EcoNeighbourhood Initiative
Cassandra Nicolaou, Vice-Chair, Mount Dennis Business Improvement Area (MDBIA) –Mount Dennis Business Improvement Area
Fung Lee, PMA Landscape Architects – Mount Dennis BIA Streetscape Masterplan

This session is designed to introduce the ULI participants to the community. Representatives of the MDCA and MDBIA will make presentations in addition to PMA Landscape Architects. Resource participants from Sidewalk Labs in addition to other public and private sector organizations will also be invited. The focus will be on listening to different voices, understanding key issues and learning about the community’s vision for an Eco-neighbourhood. Representatives of all relevant resource organizations, city staff and the local Councillor will be invited. Following lunch, a walking tour of the community and Weston Road business strip will be led by resource people from the community and the MDBIA.

Upcoming Sessions

Session 3 – Mastering Leadership with Vanessa Judelman – December 7, 2018
Session 4 –Financial and Market Considerations & Mastering Leadership with Vanessa Judelman – January 30, 2019
Session 5 – Opportunities and constraints: Repositioning Mount Dennis in a city-wide context by levering its potential between the downtown and Pearson Airport – February 28, 2019
Session 6 – Breaking the rules: Innovation mindset for an eco-neighbourhood – March 28, 2019
Session 7 – Team Workshop – April 25, 2019
Session 8 – Wrap Up with Team Presentations – May 22 or 23, 2019 [TBC]