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Ottawa Summer Social

By Bria Aird, M.Pl The ULI Ottawa chapter took a big step on September 12th with its inaugural Summer Social event. Over 100 professionals from across the real estate, planning and development industries registered for the event, which was held in “The Stores,” a refurbished 113-year-old mill building at the heart of the Zibi mixed-use community. Hosted by Dream Unlimited and Windmill Developments on the 4 million square foot development site, the event space was emblematic of the current momentum in Ottawa’s development scene. The room’s atmosphere was optimistic, with … Read More

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Weston TAP Report 2.0

The ULI Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) is a high-profile industry program that brings together the finest expertise in the real estate, planning and development fields to collaborate on complex land use and redevelopment projects. Weston TAP 2.0 was organized by ULI Toronto with the aim of exploring the evolution and potential of the Weston neighbourhood and developing a vision for its retail environment. The panel was to follow-up and build on the findings of from the original 2011 Weston TAP. Weston TAP 2.0 included a group of 9 planning, design, … Read More

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We want to hear from you! Answer the question: What does Toronto Urbanism mean to you? on social media for your chance to win a free registration to our 2018 Symposium! Toronto has a legacy of bold urbanism – the purposeful pursuit of city building designed to tackle challenges of building an economically competitive, liveable, environmentally sustainable and socially just urban society.  ULI Toronto will put a spotlight on Toronto urbanism – both celebrating our city region and challenging city builders to more effectively confront our urban challenges. Our symposium will … Read More

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Toronto: A Unique City Region With Not-So-Unique Challenges

At first blush Toronto is any-city North America. Our commercial buildings, our leafy neighbourhoods, our housing projects and suburban cul de sacs, our vibrant marketplaces, our congested highways and car dominated streets, our parks and streetscapes, our architecture and urban design: all read very familiar to an outsider looking in. Yet closer inspection reveals a much different city: a city that has been shaped and molded by a different history and sensibility than its U.S. counterparts; a city with its eye on a very different future. Some of Toronto’s story … Read More

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