ULI Toronto: Rental Housing – First Choice, Not Last Resort - SOLD OUT


Thursday, November 21st, 2019
7:30am - 9:30am EST


Goodmans LLP Will open in a new window Bay Adelaide Centre - West Tower, 34th Floor, 333 Bay St Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S7 CANADA


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This event has sold out. For onsite registration information, please email toronto@uli.org.
Toronto is a world-class city. So why has it become difficult for urbanites to find rental housing like they can in other metropolises around the world? The perception of rental housing in Ontario is deeply entrenched. Traditionally seen as an option intended for people who can’t afford to buy a home, many today are choosing to rent, whether it be a financial choice, to maintain a certain lifestyle, live closer to where they work or to downsize. It is no longer just a stepping stone, but a viable, first-choice long-term housing option.
This panel will focus on how Ontario – informed by our local market realities and the experience of other world-class cities – can make the right decisions to embrace rental housing as a viable, long-term option for people of all ages and economic backgrounds. That includes addressing the full spectrum of supply alternatives, from purpose-built high-rise rental to mid-rise, infill, mixed use and as-of-right rental within existing single-family homes – options that for too long have been circumscribed by planning rules and homeowner resistance.
Tess Kalinowski, Real Estate Reporter, Toronto Star
Tony Irwin, President and CEO, FRPO
Shaun Hildebrand, President, Urbanation
Cary J. Green, Chairman, Greenwin
Paula Munger, AVP, Industry Research & Analysis, U.S. National Apartment Association
Cordelia Clarke Julien, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Goodmans LLP Bay Adelaide Centre - West Tower, 34th Floor, 333 Bay St Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S7 CANADA

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