ULI Toronto: Neighbourhoods for the Future: Confronting the post-pandemic global urban challenge


2021-02-11T12:00:00 - 2021-02-11T13:15:00

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    Even before COVID-19 unlocked the work-from-anywhere capacity of the internet, global urbanization was tracking perilously in the wrong direction. Low density urban sprawl is accelerating at complete odds to climate change mitigation efforts. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
    In Neighbourhoods for the Future: A Plea for Social and Ecological Urbanism, to be released in Canada in early February, award-winning Dutch academics, led by globally-renowned urbanist  Maarten Hajer, point to how neighbourhood-focussed urbanism can reverse this trend and produce more liveable and equitable communities.
    This special North American book launch will feature co-author Maarten Hajer along with a panel of leading European urbanists, including Dutch celebrity architect, Francine M. J. Houben. The program will focus on new planning concepts emerging from Europe, including the 15-minute city, popularized by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, which is sweeping the world of progressive urbanists and developers. These concepts will then be tested with local experts who have worked on celebrated transformations such as Regent Park.
    Introductions: Anne Le Guellec, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
    Maarten Hajer, Distinguished Professor, Urban Futures, Utrecht University
    Francine M. J. Houben, Founding Partner/Creative Director, Mecanoo
    Moderator: Jennifer Keesmaat, Partner, Markee Developments & CEO, The Keesmaat Group
    Sureya Ibrahim, Supervisor of Community Connections, Centre of Learning & Development, TD Centre of Learning
    Heela Omarkhail, Vice President, Social Impact, The Daniels Corporation
    Martijn van den Hurk, Co-author, Assistant Professor, Urban Planning, Utrecht University
    Header photo by Garrison McArthur Photographers. 

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