ULI Toronto: Book Launch and Reception for Toronto Mayors


2023-09-11T17:00:00 - 2023-09-11T20:00:00

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    Old City Hall - Main Lobby 60 Queen St W, Toronto Toronto, ON ONM 5H2 Canada
    SOLD OUT online but in person registration is AVAILABLE on the event.  
    Join Mark Maloney and many other political VIPs in celebrating the launch of his new book, Toronto Mayors: A History of the City's Leaders at Old City Hall in Toronto.

    Mayor Olivia Chow and all members of Toronto City Council have been invited.

    Host: Steve Paikin, Broadcast journalist and Author 

    Advance Notice: Because Old City Hall is still a working court, a security screening is mandatory for everyone to enter the building.

    Toronto Mayors is also available for sale at Ben McNally Books, 108 Queen St. East, Toronto. Tel. (416) 361-0032 / [email protected]

    Many thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.
    Toronto Mayors: A History of the City's Leaders

    This is the first-ever look at all of the 65 prior Toronto mayors — the good, the bad, the curious, the colourful, the innovators, the rogues, and the leaders — who have shaped the city.

    Spanning 19 decades and the growth of Toronto, from its origins as a dusty colonial outpost of just 9,200 residents, to a global business centre and metropolis of some three million, this compendium provides fascinating biographical detail on each of the city’s mayors.

    Toronto’s mayors have been curious, eccentric, or offbeat; others have been rebellious, swaggering, or alcoholic. Some were bigots, bullies, refugees, war heroes, social crusaders, or bon vivants. Still others were inspiring, forward looking, or well ahead of their time.

    Book Reviews

    Toronto Mayors is an important and valuable contribution to the city’s political history. ― BARBARA HALL, former mayor of Toronto

    A comprehensive look at the development of Toronto through the efforts, policies, and miscues of those who have occupied the office of mayor. ― ART EGGLETON, former mayor of Toronto

    Murder, treason, torture, infidelity, drug abuse — Toronto mayors have done it all … Maloney’s masterful and lively chronicle proves what I have been trying to tell people for years — City Hall is never boring. ― DAVID RIDER, Toronto Star City Hall bureau chief

    A treasure trove of stories, information, and history; with this book, Maloney has done our city and residents a tremendous service. ― JAN DE SILVA, president and CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade

    Toronto Mayors offers great insights and captivating stories about how the Toronto we know has been influenced by the varied and complex cast who have played this part. ― KEN GREENBERG, award-winning urban planner

    Who in their right mind puts their name on a ballot? Mark Maloney’s labour of love answers that question in all the colourful detail one could hope for. ― CHRIS MURRAY, former Toronto city manager

    An impressive amount of work has gone into this book. It's excellent. The stories woven through are interesting, lively, and engaging, and they bring to life the mayors who have led us. It also disproves the notion that our history is boring. ― JOHN TORY, former mayor of Toronto.

    An essential — and fascinating — contribution to scholarship on how one of the world’s greatest cities learned how to manage its growth. ― KAREN CHAPPLE, Director, School of Cities, University of Toronto

    Maloney’s book on the history of the mayors of Toronto is long overdue. It’s a great read! ― PAUL GODFREY, former chair of Metro Toronto and Postmedia
    About the Author

    Mark Maloney is a government relations professional specializing in the City of Toronto. He has worked full-time with three Toronto mayors — Barbara Hall, Mel Lastman, and John Tory — serving on either their mayoral campaign or at City Hall. Mark headed initial bid efforts that obtained the 2002 World Youth Days event which remains the largest multi-day conference in Toronto history. He later served as coordinator of the Greater Toronto Region Economic Summit, a GTA-wide initiative to chart the region's future.

    Mark has been a municipal reporter with the former CHUM Radio Network, and assignment desk researcher with CTV News in Ottawa. He also chaired the Ottawa region’s Board of Health and served for eight years as a member of Ottawa City Council. Mark has served on the boards of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the federal Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. He recently served as secretary of Toronto's bid for the Expo 2025 World’s Fair. Mark lives in Toronto.